How To Size Your Hand For Bangles

Surprisingly, wrist measurements don't pertain to bangle size at all. Whether ordering a bangle for yourself or someone else, here's a brief guide to finding the perfect size for your bangle so you can order your bangles online and be confident that they will fit.

Our bangles come in the following standard sizes:

Extra Small | 7''
Small | 7.5''
Medium | 8''
Large | 8.5''

1) To find your size, squeeze the hand you plan to wear them on tightly and narrowly together, as if you're sliding on a bangle.  See picture. 


2) Use measuring tape (or string and a ruler) to measure around the WIDEST part of your knuckles since that's the widest point that the bangle will need to fit over.  Note that your left hand and right hand may have slightly different sizes.

On average, the most common size is 8 inches, which we call a "medium".  Ultimately, remember when ordering that you do want bangles as tight as possible so that they don't come close to falling off when you're wearing them. 

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