Beaching it in Keani Jewelry

Q: ”Can I get my Keani Jewelry wet?”

A: Our jewelry is sterling silver, gold fill, or heavy gold plated, or a combination of these.  All of our chain is sterling silver or gold fill.  Sterling silver is a lifetime metal and simply needs polishing or sonic cleaning to look 100. Gold fill and gold plating is where things get confusing...  Gold fill/filled jewelry is not filled with gold, or it would be solid gold.

It is, however, heat and pressure plated base metal and a high quality option for gold at an affordable price.  It won’t make you skin turn green and will last you years if you care for it properly.  Our heavy gold plating is almost the same, but rather electromagnetically bonded gold on base metal.  We plate up to 150 microinches of gold, compared to 10-40 microinches like most mainstream “plated” jewelry. 

The gold will last well, so long as you’re careful not to scratch it off.  It will not wash off, and is completely ok to wash your hands with and go into the pool or ocean with.  Just don’t let it slip off!...Either way, we want to offer you the best possible quality jewelry at a non-solid-gold-price!  So shop with confidence!  If you want to have your pieces replated, we offer that at 35% off (plus the cost of shipping, if applicable).

Feel free to email our support team for help with that at Mahalooooo!** This picture shows pieces that have all been worn for at least 1 year or longer** 



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