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Manō AlohaManō Aloha
Manō Aloha Sale priceFrom $124.00
Manō Mana MiniManō Mana Mini
Manō Mana Mini Sale priceFrom $97.00
Manō ManaManō Mana
Manō Mana Sale priceFrom $151.00
Sold outWings NecklaceWings Necklace
Wings Necklace Sale priceFrom $97.00
Beachcomber NecklaceBeachcomber Necklace
Beachcomber Necklace Sale priceFrom $124.00
Puka SleekPuka Sleek
Puka Sleek Sale priceFrom $151.00
Puka ThreaderPuka Threader
Puka Threader Sale priceFrom $97.00
He'e RinglaceHe'e Ringlace
He'e Ringlace Sale priceFrom $124.00
BeLeaf NecklaceBeLeaf Necklace
BeLeaf Necklace Sale priceFrom $151.00
Pierced NecklacePierced Necklace
Pierced Necklace Sale priceFrom $151.00
Tropix Sale priceFrom $138.00
Urchant NecklaceUrchant Necklace
Urchant Necklace Sale priceFrom $124.00
Branching OutBranching Out
Branching Out Sale priceFrom $165.00
Mini Coral SheenMini Coral Sheen
Mini Coral Sheen Sale priceFrom $124.00
Pineapple Sweet NecklacePineapple Sweet Necklace
Pineapple Sweet Necklace Sale priceFrom $117.00
Pineapple Lush NecklacePineapple Lush Necklace
Pineapple Lush Necklace Sale priceFrom $117.00
Swayed Mini NecklaceSwayed Mini Necklace
Swayed Mini Necklace Sale priceFrom $97.00
Swayed NecklaceSwayed Necklace
Swayed Necklace Sale priceFrom $117.00
Tahitian Luxe Threader
Tahitian Luxe Threader Sale priceFrom $357.00
Nohea Tahitian Luxe Threader
Nohea Tahitian Luxe Threader Sale priceFrom $330.00
Puka Boho ThreaderPuka Boho Threader
Puka Boho Threader Sale priceFrom $193.00
Dainty Tahitian Mahina
Dainty Tahitian Mahina Sale price$357.00
Tahitian Mahina
Tahitian Mahina Sale priceFrom $439.00
Tahitian HuahineTahitian Huahine
Tahitian Huahine Sale priceFrom $439.00
'Alohi Loli'i Necklace
'Alohi Loli'i Necklace Sale price$131.00
'Alohi Nani Necklace
'Alohi Nani Necklace Sale priceFrom $117.00
Lele Necklace
Lele Necklace Sale priceFrom $117.00
Nanea NecklaceNanea Necklace
Nanea Necklace Sale priceFrom $117.00
Makai NecklaceMakai Necklace
Makai Necklace Sale priceFrom $90.00
Tahitian Pearl ChokerTahitian Pearl Choker - Keani Jewelry
Tahitian Pearl Choker Sale priceFrom $302.00
He'e Tahitian Pearl LariatHe'e Tahitian Pearl Lariat
He'e Tahitian Pearl Lariat Sale priceFrom $549.00
Honua Tahitian He'e Leather LariatHonua Tahitian He'e Leather Lariat
Tahitian RainbowTahitian Rainbow Necklace - Keani Jewelry
Tahitian Rainbow Sale priceFrom $824.00
Tahitian StrungTahitian Strung
Tahitian Strung Sale priceFrom $467.00
Tahitian EntrancedTahitian Entranced
Tahitian Entranced Sale priceFrom $275.00
Tahitian JewelTahitian Pearl Jewel Necklace, by Keani Hawai'i
Tahitian Jewel Sale priceFrom $357.00
Mahina Charm NecklaceMahina Charm Necklace
Mahina Charm Necklace Sale priceFrom $97.00
Li'i NecklaceLi'i Choker Necklace, with Mermaid Scale hoops, Keani Hawai'i
Li'i Necklace Sale priceFrom $97.00
Splash Sale priceFrom $138.00
Splash MiniSplash Mini
Splash Mini Sale priceFrom $97.00
ImmerseImmerse Mermaid Scale Necklace, Mermaid Jewelry, Scales
Immerse Sale priceFrom $165.00
Immerse Mini
Immerse Mini Sale priceFrom $97.00
Wai Nui NecklaceWai Nui Necklace
Wai Nui Necklace Sale priceFrom $103.00
Sold out'Alohi Necklace (Black)
'Alohi Necklace (Black) Sale priceFrom $90.00
Sold out'Alohi Necklace (White)'Alohi Necklace (White)
'Alohi Necklace (White) Sale priceFrom $90.00
Hoaka NecklaceHoaka Necklace
Hoaka Necklace Sale priceFrom $110.00
Kona Lavender Luxe Wrap Bracelet / Necklace
Kona Tahitian Wrap Bracelet / NecklaceKona Tahitian Wrap Bracelet / Necklace
Tahitian Pearl Pyrite NecklaceTahitian Pearl Pyrite Necklace
Tahitian Pearl Pyrite Necklace Sale priceFrom $412.00
Labradorite Tahitian Wrap Bracelet / NecklaceLabradorite Tahitian Wrap Bracelet / Necklace