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Enchanted Ring, Keani HawaiiEnchanted Ring
Enchanted Ring Sale priceFrom $76.00
Enchanted Circle Ring, Designed by Keani HawaiiEnchanted Circle Ring
Enchanted Circle Ring Sale priceFrom $111.00
He'e Wavy RingHe'e Twist Stackable Ring, Octopus Tentacle Ring, Keani Jewelry
He'e Wavy Ring Sale priceFrom $90.00
Keani Hawaii Wrap Me Up Ring, Maui Hawaii JewelryWrap Me Up Ring
Wrap Me Up Ring Sale priceFrom $111.00
Wrap Me Up Ring with Tahitian PearlWrap Me Up Ring with Tahitian Pearl
Enamerred Mermaid Ring, Signature Design of Keani Hawai'i. Maui's premiere Jewelry DesignerEnamerred Ring - Keani Jewelry
Enamerred Ring Sale priceFrom $76.00
MerRingMermaid Scale Rings, Signature design by Keani Jewelry, Mermaid Jewelry, Mermaids, Hawaii, Maui
MerRing Sale priceFrom $111.00
Mermesh Mermaid Scale ring.  Signature Design by Keani Hawai'i.  Custom Jewelry, MauiMermesh Mermaid Ring, Keani Jewelry
MerMesh Ring Sale priceFrom $111.00
Tahitian Pearl MerMesh RingMermesh Mermaid Ring with Tahitian Pearl, Keani Jewelry
Tahitian Pearl MerMesh Ring Sale price$442.00
Mano Shark Teeth Stacking Ring, Designed by Keani Hawaii.  Premier Jewelry. Maui, HawaiiShark Tooth Stacking Ring by Keani Jewelry
Manō Teeth Stacking Ring Sale priceFrom $90.00
Fanged RingShark Tooth Ring by Keani Jewelry, Maui Hawaii
Fanged Ring Sale priceFrom $111.00
Gliding RingGLIDING - Keani Jewelry
Gliding Ring Sale priceFrom $111.00
Hali'a Hibiscus RingHali'a Hibiscus Ring
Hali'a Hibiscus Ring Sale priceFrom $111.00
Drifter Ring, Designed by Keani Hawai'i in Maui.  Drifter Ring
Drifter Ring Sale priceFrom $111.00
Tides RingTides Ring
Tides Ring Sale priceFrom $125.00
Mauka Pineapple Ring, Keani HawaiiMauka Ring
Mauka Ring Sale priceFrom $111.00
Maui Gold RingMaui Gold Ring
Maui Gold Ring Sale priceFrom $125.00
Mahina Moon Ring, Designed by Keani Hawai'iMahina Ring
Mahina Ring Sale priceFrom $90.00
Mahina Momi Tahitian Pearl Moon Ring, Keani Hawai'iMahina Momi Ring
Mahina Momi Ring Sale price$345.00
Mahina Pink Edison Pearl Ring, Keani Hawaii
Mahina Hinuhinu Ring Sale priceFrom $332.00
Lush Banana Leaf Ring - Signature Keani Hawai'i Design, Maui HawaiiLush Ring
Lush Ring Sale priceFrom $111.00
Palm Blades Ring, Jewelry Designed on Maui, HawaiiPalm Blades Ring, Keani Jewelry
Palm Blades Ring Sale priceFrom $111.00
Puka Shimmer Ring, Keani Hawaii, Jewelry MauiPuka Shimmer Ring - Keani Jewelry
Puka Shimmer Ring Sale priceFrom $111.00
Embraced RingEmbraced - Keani Jewelry
Embraced Ring Sale priceFrom $111.00
Kaimana Ring / 4mmKaimana Ring / 4mm
Kaimana Ring / 4mm Sale price$152.00
Tahitian Manihi Wrap RingTahitian Manihi Wrap Ring
Tahitian Manihi Wrap Ring Sale price$497.00
Tiare Tahitian Pearl RingTiare Tahitian Pearl Ring stack, Designed by Keani Hawaii
Tiare Tahitian Pearl Ring Sale price$332.00
Taha'a Tahitian Pearl RingTaha'a Tahitian Pearl ring, Keani Hawaii
Taha'a Tahitian Pearl Ring Sale price$387.00
Hinuhinu Pearl RingHinuhinu Pearl Ring
Hinuhinu Pearl Ring Sale price$304.00
Kaimana Chevron Ring / 2mmKaimana Chevron Ring / 2mm
Kaimana Chevron Ring / 2mm Sale priceFrom $97.00
Chevron Accent RingChevron Accent Ring
Chevron Accent Ring Sale priceFrom $56.00
Luxe Stacking RingLuxe Stacking Ring
Luxe Stacking Ring Sale priceFrom $56.00
Bubbly Stacking RingBubbly Stacking Ring
Bubbly Stacking Ring Sale priceFrom $56.00
Stacking Rings, Stacked Ring, Hammered Rings, Keani Jewelry
Classic Stacking Ring Sale priceFrom $56.00
Ring SizerRing Sizer
Ring Sizer Sale price$0.00
Sold outGolden South Sea Pearl Mahina RingGolden South Sea Pearl Mahina Ring
Golden South Sea Pearl Mahina Ring Sale priceFrom $359.00
Sold outTahitian Pearl MerMesh Ring / Blue Green / Ready to Ship #1
Sold outTahitian Pearl MerMesh Ring / Green Gray / Ready to Ship #2