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Article: Puka Puka! Commonly Uncommon

Puka Puka! Commonly Uncommon

Puka Shells, Bangles, Earrings, Shell Chic Maui

As much as we think of the "Puka Shell" as common, it's actually becoming more and more rare to find true authentic Puka shells, especially when it comes to jewelry.  Part of the reason for that is because the Puka shell is actually the bottom of a cone shell (Conidae) that has been broken and gradually chiseled down by the coral, waves, and sand to become what we later see as a round, convex disk-like shell fragment.  It takes a long time for that cone shell to actually turn into a Puka shell.  Along side that, as Puka shells necklaces have been and are becoming more and more popular over the years, Puka shell harvesting has gone rampant.  It slowly has become more advantageous for large-scale manufacturers to just cut, carve, and create their own version of a Puka shell from any random piece of shell.  Why wait for nature to take it's course, we when we can immitate it, right?  Well, I'm happy to let you know that all Shell Chic Maui jewelry is made with authentic Puka shells (and all other shells for that matter), but I also hope that this blog sheds some light on how special or rare that Puka shell really is.  So many people still want a perfectly white, perfectly round Puka shell that is actually so close to the look of a fake--why not appreciate the perfectly organic, worn, and weathered puka shell that carries the ocean's movements in it's shape?  Two exact matching Puka shells for your earrings?  Or for your bangle?  Not gonna happen, and I'm glad :)  I'll pick matching shells as best I can but with these rare ocean gems, treasuring them the way they were uniquely made is actually what sets you and your jewelry apart.

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