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Tahitian and Edison Pearl Grades & Policy

Here at Keani Hawai'i we strive to source the highest quality pearls on stunning handcrafted pieces. All of our pearls are completely natural, never dyed or heat treated and therefore are one of a kind. They come in a variety of colors.

Our standard Tahitian Pearls are AA-grade (very few birthmarks on the skin) and come in gray and silver tones. If you would like to upgrade to a AAA-grade silver or gray pearl, the cost will be based on the size of the pearl ranging from $20-$100.

If you are interested in a AAA-grade pearl and a premium colored pearl, like green, blues, black, peacock colors, it is important to note that some of those pearls are reserved to being made on solid gold pieces only. The larger the pearl, the more rare they are especially with flawless skin and color tones. Since these pearls are so unique and special we find that it is best for our guests to be able to enjoy them on lifetime metals such as solid gold. 

Our Edison and Golden South Sea Pearls are AA-grade (very few birthmarks on the skin) and can also be upgraded to a AAA-grade pearl.

 AA Grade, and AAA Pearls.

  • AA Grade: Roughly 85%-95% flawless pearl surface, with high luster and nearly round in shape. 
  • AAA Grade: A near perfect pearl with no birthmarks, inclusions or imperfections. These pearls are brilliant in luster and color.

If you would like to upgrade to a AAA-grade pearl or premium pearl, we recommend you send our support team an email so we can verify that we have that particular pearl size and grade in stock. 

Premium Color Pearls:

  • Standard Tahitian Pearls are grey or silver.
  • Premium pearl colors are: blue, green, purple, black & peacock colored pearls.
  • We occasionally have a very limited stock of natural pistachio pearls which are extremely rare as most found at other retailers are dyed or heat treated. 

All standard orders will receive a AA-grade silvery gray genuine Tahitian Pearl. If you have a color preference, we will do our absolute best match you with what we have in stock. Please keep in mind that no two pearls are ever the exact same. If you would like a AAA-grade or premium colored pearl, rushed delivery, or would like to upgrade to solid gold, please email us for the upgrade fees at 

Many of our pearl pieces are handcrafted by our Keani Hawai'i team on Maui and therefore take roughly 10-14 days to be completed and ready to ship. It is important to note, that all custom pearl pieces that are not eligible for discounts (including our rewards program) and returned/exchanged pearl pieces may include a 10% restocking fee.

Please be sure to visit our Bangle Sizing Reference Guide when placing an order for pearl bangles. We also recommend ordering a Ring Sizer so that you can make sure you are ordering the correct size for pearl rings.