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Jewelry Quality and Materials

We seek to provide our customers with the highest level of quality jewelry, and ensure that all pieces are made in Hawai'i and the USA. Whether it's solid gold, 925 sterling silver or the richest of gold dipped pieces. 

Our Chains

Keani Jewelry uses 14K Yellow Gold Filled and 14K Rose Gold Filled chains for our necklaces. These chains can be worn daily, without losing their lustrous and vibrant golden color. We source our gold chains from reputable manufacturers who can ensure high standards of quality in their gold chains. Gold fill is a process by which multiple layers of gold is pressure bonded to a base metal with extreme heat to create a secure hold to the base material. If taken care of, gold filled chains can provide an affordable alternative to solid gold. It is important to note that gold-filled chains are not solid gold, and still need to be treated kindly for them to maintain their golden color and gold filled chains may need to be replaced every couple of years or upgraded to solid gold for lifetime longevity. 

Keani Jewelry uses Solid Sterling Silver 925 chain for all silver pieces. Sterling Silver is a lifetime metal, but will naturally oxidize over time when it is exposed to air. This jewelry is easy to clean with a polish cloth or a sonic cleaner but will stay shiny if kept in a pouch or box when it is not worn to reduce its exposure to air. 

We always recommend storing your chains in a jewelry pouch avoid it getting tangled and never pull on delicate chain styles. 


Pendants & Bangles

Our gold pendants and bracelets are 18K Heavy Gold Plated and plated in 60 micro inches of gold. Most mainstream department store jewelry is typically plated 10-40 micro inches. All of our plating occurs in the USA and we work with companies that have the highest standards for electromagnetic gold plating. Our Pearl bangles are made on Maui and use 14K gold fill, hand hammered for extra shine. 

All silver pendants and bangles are made of Solid Sterling Silver 925.



Our gold rings are 18K Heavy Gold plated at 150 micro inches. We plate the most gold on rings because they are going to interact with the environment more than other pieces would. Since these pieces are heavily dipped in gold, they should be treated with care to avoid scratching off the gold. Any of our ring styles can be upgraded to solid gold. Our pearl ring styles that are made on Maui with 14K gold fill unless otherwise specified and should also be treated with care. 

All silver rings are made of Solid Sterling Silver 925.


Jewelry Care

We believe you should not have to worry about getting your jewelry wet like when occasionally washing your hands or taking a shower. However, the best way to care for any jewelry, is to treat it sweetly and remove it when swimming, or working with your hands heavily like when exercising. It is best to avoid using sanitizers, lotions, harsh soaps or spray chemicals like sunscreen (reef-safe of course). We recommend avoiding scratching the jewelry on hard surfaces. Jewelry should always be kept in a dry, safe place when not being worn. Due to some of our dainty ring and chain styles being delicate by design it is important to avoid tangling the chains or bending the rings. 


How To Clean Your Jewelry

All of our silver is solid sterling silver 925 and we recommend a Silver Polish Cloth to keep those pieces nice and shiny!

Our Heavy Plated Yellow Gold and Rose Gold Pieces and gold fill pieces are more delicate. We have found the best way to use a ultrasonic cleaner to gently pulse any dirt out of your gold fill chains or pendants. 


Jewelry Repair

We are able to offer repairs for a small fee on many of our designs. All of our silver pieces can be solder repaired by our jewelry team depending on the nature of the break. Due to the nature of the gold dipping on our 18k Heavy Yellow Gold and Rose Gold Plated pieces, they are not able to be repaired so we do recommend treating those designs with caution to avoid flexing the metal repeatedly as any metal that is flexed too many times will crack or break. 14k Yellow Gold Fill and Rose Gold Filled jewelry can be repaired as well as solid gold pieces. To inquire about a repair, please reach out to our support team. Please review our Return/Exhange Policy for additional information if your item was purchased in the last 30 days. 


Solid Gold

Many of our designs are available in 14K and 18K Solid Gold for those who want "lifetime" or heirloom pieces. Solid Gold is more expensive but incredibly durable when making fine jewelry. Solid Gold is made to order and takes 4 weeks to complete. If you would like to inquire about having something made in Solid Gold, send us an email to for a quote. 



We only work with authentic, natural pearls that are not heat-treated or dyed.  Our primary pearl types are Tahitian pearls, Edison pearls, and Golden South Sea Pearls. All pearls are hand selected by Keani herself to ensure the highest standards, color and shape for each unique piece. No two pearls are the same, so pearl pieces will always be one of a kind.


Pearl Care

Pearls are the ocean's gemstones and should be treated with care. We recommend avoiding contact with chemicals found in perfumes, sunscreen or hot tubs when wearing your pearls. To avoid loosing your precious pearl, we recommend removing pearl rings when going for a dip in the ocean. Pearls can be wiped with a clean cloth after wearing and should be stored in a safe, dry place.