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Tahitian RainbowTahitian Rainbow Necklace - Keani Jewelry
Tahitian Rainbow Sale priceFrom $600.00
Tahitian Pearl ChokerTahitian Pearl Choker - Keani Jewelry
Tahitian Pearl Choker Sale priceFrom $220.00
Lavender Luxe Threader
Lavender Luxe Threader Sale priceFrom $260.00
White Edison Luxe Threader
White Edison Luxe Threader Sale priceFrom $260.00
Tahitian Luxe Threader
Tahitian Luxe Threader Sale priceFrom $260.00
Nohea Tahitian Luxe Threader
Nohea Tahitian Luxe Threader Sale priceFrom $240.00
The Bubbly Tahitian JewelThe Bubbly Tahitian Jewel
The Bubbly Tahitian Jewel Sale priceFrom $260.00
Dainty Lele Tahitian Pearl Choker
Dainty Lele Tahitian Pearl Choker Sale priceFrom $230.00
Tahitian HuahineTahitian Huahine
Tahitian Huahine Sale priceFrom $320.00
Tahitian JewelTahitian Pearl Jewel Necklace, by Keani Hawai'i
Tahitian Jewel Sale priceFrom $260.00
He'e Tahitian Pearl LariatHe'e Tahitian Pearl Lariat
He'e Tahitian Pearl Lariat Sale priceFrom $400.00
Honua Tahitian He'e Leather LariatHonua Tahitian He'e Leather Lariat
Tahitian Mahina
Tahitian Mahina Sale priceFrom $320.00
Tahitian EntrancedTahitian Entranced
Tahitian Entranced Sale priceFrom $200.00
Tahitian StrungTahitian Strung
Tahitian Strung Sale priceFrom $340.00
Tahitian Pearl Pyrite NecklaceTahitian Pearl Pyrite Necklace
Tahitian Pearl Pyrite Necklace Sale priceFrom $300.00
Hinuhinu Edison Pearl Pyrite NecklaceHinuhinu Edison Pearl Pyrite Necklace
Tahitian Mist NecklaceTahitian Mist Necklace
Tahitian Mist Necklace Sale priceFrom $260.00
Tahitian Midnight Necklace
Tahitian Midnight Necklace Sale priceFrom $200.00
Lele Tahitian Toggle JewelLele Tahitian Toggle Jewel
Lele Tahitian Toggle Jewel Sale priceFrom $300.00